Who Cares Who Margaret Levine Young Is?

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Why do you care who I am? Because I've co-written a bunch of "...For Dummies" books for the Wiley Technology Groupand a few "Complete Reference" books for Osborne/McGraw-Hill and maybe you've read them! Here's my resume.

My best-selling book is The Internet For Dummies, with John R. Levine and Carol Baroudi. This revision is a friendly introduction to the Internet, e-mail, and the Web. It covers Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gmail, Windows XP and Vista, and is in just about every bookstore in the world, as far as I can tell.

Another book I'm proud of is Windows XP: the Complete Reference, written with John Levine, Doug Muder, and Alison Barrows. This book has information about all the major parts of Windows XP, including the applications that come with it (like Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Windows Messenger). You can buy a copy from Amazon.com. There's a new edition about Windows Vista, but I didn't help with the update.

My other project, with my husband and coauthor Jordan Young, is Great Tapes for Kids , an online catalog of wonderful and hard-to-find kids tapes. If you've got children, or grandchildren, check it out! You can order the tapes directly from us. We can also order almost any kids video or audio tape you've ever heard of.

I love singing, and I'm a member of the Maiden Vermont Chorus, the best 50-voice women's barbershop chorus in all of Addison County, Vermont.

I'm a Harry Potter nut (who isn't?) and since I'm also a technical writer, I had to create a detailed timeline of the events in the world of Harry Potter from 382BC to the present. If you don't know when Harry's birthday is, you'd better check it out.

[UU Flaming Chalice] My husband Jordan and I are Unitarian Universalists and help run their Web site and mailing lists. If you are a UU, be sure to subscribe to the UUA-L mailing list.

Or if you'd prefer a totally out-of-date book, how about The Complete Guide to PC-File? It's about PC-File version 5.01, the classic DOS-based shareware database program. I've run out of copies of the book, but I still have permission from the software publisher to distribute copies of PC-File 5.01.

I also like to cook, and here are some recipes that I find particularly useful. (Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, peach/strawberry jam, and scallop kabobs, among others, if you are wondering!)

Thanks to John Levine for this Web server, not to mention all kinds of other Internet-related help and support he's given me over the years.

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