Religious Questions Discussion Series

An adult religious education course by Doug Muder

This page and its links describes a discussion series based on 12 questions. John Gibbons and I led such a series at First Parish Unitarian-Univeralist Church in Bedford, Massachusetts, where John is the minister. We found it to be a low-overhead, low-preparation way to offer an adult education series of some depth. I haven't tried it yet, but I also think it would be fascinating to lead a group of teen-agers through the same questions.

The philosophy behind the questions. The questions stand on their own, and you can approach them from whatever philosophy you like. But I thought you might like to know what I had in mind when I wrote them.

The questions as a springboard for introspection. Whether you're introspecting to prepare for a discussion, or just working the questions on your own, without a group, I have some suggestions.

A discussion leader's perspective. We had a great group--articulate, compassionate, ready to talk and listen with their whole hearts. Your mileage may vary, but even so you might like to know how we handled the discussions.

The 12 questions, with readings and commentary.

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