UUism On-Line

The Internet! E-mail! Cyberspace! As a well-informed Unitarian Universalist, you've been bombarded by the media hype about computer networks for several years. This Web page explains what resources exist on computer networks that might be useful to UUs.

Table of Contents

UUA: To contact the UUA, a UU district, or a related organization, check out the UUA.org web site. It also provides tens of thousands of pages about UUism, how to run a UU congregation, and WorshipWeb, a library of spiritual resources. All the UUA districts, and most congregations also have web sites.

UU Mailing Lists: Want to participate in an on-line discussion by e-mail? Or perhaps you'd like to receive news from the UUA or an affiliated organization? See the UUA List of Lists for a list of UU mailing lists and instructions for joining.

UU Blogs and Podcasts:UUpdates aggregates UU blogs. The UUWiki also has a list of UU blogs. The UUA, UUWorld magazine covered UU blogging in 2004. For podcasts, including sermons from UU congregations the U.S., see teh UUWiki's list of podcasts.

UU World Magazine: The printed magazine is mailed to UUs four times a year, but the online version has new articles every week.

Recommended Reading: Here are some good books about the Internet, by UU authors, of course!

Thank you to the various people who gathered this information, including: Paul Ashby, Mark Gibbbins, Alan Hamilton, Dave Kay, John Levine, Jim Mason, Ron Mazur, Mac Morgan, Doug Muder, Dave Nelson, Ted Shapin, Ron Solberg, Debbie Weiner Soule, Sam Trumbore, Arthur Ungar, Thomas A. Upshaw, and Jordan Young.

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