Envisioning the Next Religion

First Parish in Bedford

January 7, 1996

Prelude [Carol Hamilton]

Chalice Lighting [Cynthia Kane]

Opening words [Doug Muder]

Hymn #53 (old hymnal) "Unrest"

Unison Affirmation [CK]

Talking to the Children [John Gibbons]

Welcome and Announcements [CK]

Candles of Joy and Concern [CK]

Meditation [CK]


from The Politics at God's Funeral by Michael Harrington [DM]

from A History of God by Karen Armstrong [CK]

Introduction of Offering [DM & CK]

Offertory [CH]

Sermon: Envisioning the Next Religion [DM]

Closing Hymn #139 "Wonders Still the World Shall Witness" [DM]

Closing words [DM]

Postlude [CH]