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DIY Games announces three new games for two to six players, ages seven to adult!

Treasure cover

Treasure at the Isles of Shoals

Pirates! Buried treaure! Dig for a hidden fortune on the mysterious and fascinating islands located off Portsmouth, New Hampshire. You'll take on the personality of Blackbeard the Pirate, poetess Celia Thaxter, or Louis Wagner, famous murderer of Smuttynose Island or others as you race to discover the treasure rumored to still be buried on these beautiful islands!.

Golden Spike cover

Golden Spike

This railroad building game leads you across the developing United States in the mid-nineteenth century as you race to accumulate a fortune ahead of your competitors. Explore new territory as you fight off rivals while developing new routes for commerce!

Cross and the Sword cover

The Cross and the Sword

Starting at the end of the fifteenth century, European nations developed technologies that allowed them to explore the world and trade with other people around the globe, while developing empires in competition with one another. This game allows players to place colonies around the globe and develop commerce routes. You'll triumph over competitors and vie for control of lucrative routes to the Indies, around the tip of Cape Horn, and even to Japan!


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Ben Soule
Ben Soule
has been creating games since he was a teenager. An avid student of history, adventure, and culture, he continues to develop games about Civil War battles, agrarian society in New England, the American presidency, the Napleonic Wars, and the Silk Road in Asia. He lives in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Each game sells for $30 each. Shipping additional.

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